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ReactJS Online Training

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ReactJS Online Training

In this course, you will learn about React JS.

About Lakshman Veti

Lakshaman Veti has about 10+ years of experience working in IT across different domains.



Course Information
Duration 4 weeks [6 days per week]
Slot 6:30AM-7:30AM IST
Mode LIVE Online Training
Join Goto Meeting
Demo Day-1 & Day-2
Downloads Recordings, Materials, Workspace, Applications etc
Price 6,000 INR
Course Curriculum
  • You will learn what is ReactJS, Why ReactJS and its initial Environment Setup.
Explore ES6 & beyond
  • Learn concepts of modern JS starting with ES6 and go beyond with further versions
  • Learn how to code UI using declarative syntax JSX
  • Create components, decompose UI into smaller components and compose them to make larger pages
State Management
  • Learn how to manage state in react applications and best practices
Code splitting & Lazy loading
  • Understand the need to code splitting and know how to implement the same
Hooks & context
  • Use the advantages of hooks to power function components with state, life cycle and context access.
  • Learn who to implement routing in react application using react-router
Isomorphic React
  • Learn the benefits of universal react and how to implement
Unit Testing
  • Learn how to unit test react applications using jest & enzyme
Setup up react with webpack
  • Learn how to build a react development environment from scratch using webpack.
  • Learn how to debug react applications using chrome and vscode.
Dev Tooling
  • Learn how to take advantage of react and redux devtools.
  • Understand the bundling process and optimizations applied by create-react-app build.


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