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Node js Online Training: Node.js is an open-source and cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment. It is a popular tool for almost any kind of project!

Node.Js runs the V8 JavaScript engine, the core of Google Chrome, outside of the browser. Node.Js can leverage the work of the engineers that made (and continue to make) the Chrome JavaScript runtime blazing fast, and this allows. Node.js to benefit from the substantial performance improvements and the Just-In-Time compilation that V8 performs. Thanks to this, JavaScript code running in Node.js can become very performant.

About Lakshman Veti

Lakshaman Veti has about 10+ years of experience working in IT across different domains.


  • Html, Java Script, Css
Course Information
Duration 4 weeks [6 days per week]
Slot 6:30AM-7:30AM IST
Mode LIVE Online Training
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Demo Day-1 & Day-2
Downloads Recordings, Materials, Workspace, Applications etc
Price 5,000 INR

Course Curriculum

Topics Time
Installing and Exploring Node.js 00:45:00
  • Installing Node.js
  • What is Node.js?
  • Why Should I Use Node.js?
  • Your First Node.js Script
Node.js Module System (Notes App) 01:15:00
  • Node.js Module System
  • Importing Node.js Core Modules
  • Importing Your Own Files
  • Importing npm Modules
  • Global npm Modules and nodemon
File System and Command Line Args (Notes App) 02:00:00
  • File System and Command Line Args
  • Argument Parsing with Yargs: Part I
  • Storing Data with JSON
  • Adding a Note
  • Removing a Note
  • Listing Notes
  • Reading a Note
Debugging Node.js 00:21:40
  • Debugging Node.js
  • Error Messages
Asynchronous Node.js (Weather App) 02:15:00
  • Asynchronous Basics
  • Call Stack, Callback Queue, and Event Loop
  • Making HTTP Requests
  • Customizing HTTP Requests
  • An HTTP Request Challenge
  • Handling Errors
  • The Callback Function
Web Servers (Weather App) 02:21:49
  • Hello Express!
  • Serving up HTML and JSON
  • Serving up Static Assets
  • Serving up CSS, JS, Images, and More
  • Dynamic Pages with Templating
  • Customizing the Views Directory
  • Advanced Templating
  • 404 Pages
  • Styling the Application
Accessing API from Browser (Weather App) 01:21:46
  • The Query String
  • Building a JSON HTTP Endpoint
  • Browser HTTP Requests with Fetch
  • Creating a Search Form
  • Wiring up the User Interface
Application Deployment (Weather App) 01:30:00
  • Version Control with Git
  • Exploring Git
  • Integrating Git
  • Pushing Code to Git
  • Hub Deploying Node.js
MongoDB and Promises (Task App) 02:00:05
  • Databases and Advanced Asynchronous Development
  • MongoDB and NoSQL Databases
  • Installing MongoDB on macOS and Linux
  • Installing MongoDB on Windows
  • Create Database on Cloud
  • Connecting and Inserting Documents
  • Inserting Documents
  • The ObjectID Querying Documents
  • Promises
  • Updating Documents
  • Deleting Documents
REST APIs and Mongoose (Task App) 03:08:26
  • Debugging Setting up Mongoose
  • Creating a Mongoose Model
  • Data Validation and Sanitization
  • Structuring a REST API
  • Installing Postman
  • Resource Creation Endpoints
  • Resource Reading Endpoints
  • Promise Chaining
  • Promise Chaining Challenge
  • Async/Await
  • Integrating Async/Await
  • Resource Updating Endpoints
  • Resource Deleting Endpoints
API Authentication and Security (Task App) 03:06:45
  • Logging in Users
  • JSON Web Tokens
  • Generating Authentication Tokens
  • Accepting Authentication Tokens
  • Logging Out
Sorting, Pagination, and Filtering (Task App) 00:41:48
  • Filtering Data
  • Paginating Data
  • Sorting Data
File Uploads (Task App) 01:22:57
  • Adding Support for File Uploads
  • Validating File Uploads
  • Validation Challenge
  • Adding Images to User Profile
  • Serving up Files
Real-Time Web Applications with Socket.io (Chat App) 05:45:43
  • Creating the Chat App Project
  • WebSockets
  • Getting Started with Socket.io
  • Socket.io Events
  • Socket.io Events Challenge
  • Broadcasting Events
  • Sharing Your Location
  • Event Acknowledgements
  • Form and Button States
  • Rendering Messages
  • Styling the Chat App
  • Join Page
  • Socket.io Rooms
  • Storing Users
  • Tracking Users Joining and Leaving
  • Sending Messages to Rooms
  • Rendering User List
  • Automatic Scrolling
  • Deploying the Chat Application
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