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About the Data Science Online Training

Data Sciene Online Training: It is no more an adage that Data Science is the sexiest job of the century; it is already a proven thing. There is a huge demand for Data Scientist not only in Business world but in Academics as well as Government. In today’s world it would be difficult to find a sector or department which is untouched by Data so the way forward is analyzing those data using right mathematical models and tools.  The world is short of 2 million data scientists at this point of time and it is going to surge as more and more data are captured, this has resulted in lot of jobs for good data scientist. If you are a skilled data scientist the innumerable opportunities waiting for you. Needless to say, that this talent crunch has spiked the salary level of Data Scientist a lot. An average data scientist earns at least 30 – 40% more salary than his counterpart in other Information Technology job. Aspire Data Science program intends to train people with all the right skills from Data Science perspective to make them ready for data science roles in any sector of the economy. The program starts with Basic Statistics which is a foundation for learning and implementing Machine Learning model. In the second section there is comprehensive coverage of all the key Machine Learning models including supervised and unsupervised models. Finally, the course will focus on Data Visualization since final delivery of any data science solution has to be a nice story telling dashboard. Students in last one week will get a good glimpse of a real time Data Science project to complete their journey and knock the corporate door with full confidence.

About Sabitra P.

Sabitra P. has 10+ years of Corporate experience in Data Science area. He holds IIM MBA and NIT Engineering and has achieved tremendous success in business world. Sabitra has 3 years of teaching experience in Data Science and related field in Corporate and Academics. Sabitra has worked with big banks including brand like Goldman Sachs where he was heading one of the major portfolios of analytics. Sabitra is known for his unique style of teaching which merges humor with seriousness to deliver the subject in a way that maximum absorption happens in an enjoyable way.

About Mahesh K

Mahesh has 7 years of experience in corporate world working with big MNCs like DBS & Qualcomm. He is a hard-core data scientist with proven track record of solving some of the most complex machine learning models people can think of. Mahesh is an engineer from GITAM and ISB alumini. Mahesh has been teaching various students ranging from college to experience professionals from corporate world in his unique style which students feel is customized to each and every one in the class. He believes in building long term relationship with his students which goes beyond the training.

What Will You Learn from the course?

  • Statistics for Data Science
  • Python Programming – Basics & Intermediate
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Machine Learning Algorithm
  • Time Series Forecast
  • Text Analytics
  • Data Visualization with Tableau
  • Project and Certification


Good to have some background of programming

Course Information
Duration 2 Months(or 3 Months) – Data Science Training + Project Work
Slot 7:00AM-8:00AM IST
Mode LIVE Online Training
Join Goto Meeting
Demo Day-1 & Day2
Downloads Recordings, Materials, Workspace, Applications etc
Price Rs 25,000 (Rs 35,000 If 3 Months) per student

==========Course Curriculum==========

Major Dimensions High Level Subject Areas Type of Classes Tools & Technologies Duration
Statistics – Basic & Advanced Probability Theory Theory + Practical Python & R 5 Hours
Sample Vs. Population
Descriptive Statistics
Central Limit Theorem
Data Distributions – Normal, Binomial
Confidence Intervals
Hypothesis Testing
Analytics Exploratory Data Analysis Theory + Practical Python & R 20 Hours
Machine Learning – 1
Machine Learning – 2 (Unsupervised)
Machine Learning – 3 (Supervised)
Time Series Forecast
Text Analytics – 1
Text Analytics – 2
Story Telling Visualizations Theory + Practical Tableau/PowerBI 10 Hours
Dashboards & Storyboards
Story Telling
Project Guidence Theory + Practical Python or R 5 Hours
Capstone project
 For 3 Months
Advanced Analytics Advanced ML – Ensemble Learning Theory + Practical Python, Tensorflow & Keras 20 Hours
Neural Network
Deep Learning
Optical Character Recognition
AI Use Cases – Chatbot


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