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About Java Concurrency Online Training

Java Concurrency  Online Training: Creating a new thread–per-every task is expensive because of memory overload i.e., poor resource management. Hence working with the Thread class is very tedious and error-prone. Due to this reason the Concurrency API has been added to Java 5. The API is located in the package java.util.concurrent and contains many useful classes for implementing thread pooling and handling concurrent programming. The threads in the pool are reused but not recreated. Hence it is always recommended to use thread pooling. We can implement thread pooling effectively using either Executors or ThreadPoolExecutor class in java.util.concurrent package.

What Will You Learn?

  • Java Concurrency
  • Thread Pooling
  • Java Profiling
  • Java 8 New Features
    • Lambda expressions
    • Functional interfaces
    • Functional Programming
    • Method references
    • Default methods
    • Stream API
    • Optional
  • Maven
  • Collections
  • Generics
  • Design Patterns


  • Core Java
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Course Info

  • Hours : 21 hour
  • Duration : 3-4 weeks [6 days per week]
  • Slot : 6AM-7AM | 7AM-8AM | 8AM-9AM
  • Mode : LIVE Online Training
  • Join : Goto Meeting
  • Demo : Day-1 & Day-2
  • Faculty : K.Ramesh
  • Downloads : Materials, Workspace, etc
  • Re Attend : One time with in 6 months.
  • Price : 5,000 INR
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  • review rating 4  It is very productive session with real time technical explanation by Ramesh.. Weekend session on Spring boot and Microservices.. Thanks.. Kailash

    thumb Explore Teks
  • review rating 5  This is great experience to learn concepts and real time application over a weekend..!

    thumb Bezawada Nagaiah
  • review rating 5  I got very good knowledge on Spring Boot and Microservices by your sesion. It is very much helpful to implements this things in real time.

    thumb kashi B
  • review rating 4  I think this is the first time am clear and exactly what I am looking for in the real-time perspective , which is help full and made helpful in understanding the concepts Thank you Venu

    thumb Venu Krishna
  • review rating 4  I have attended basic micro service 2 day workshop. It was very good course and learned the new concepts. Detailed explanation was given.

    thumb Madhu Sudhan
  • review rating 5  Teaching micro services with real time experience and teach in a nice way to understand and get sucess in interview

    thumb Anvesh Reddy
  • review rating 4  Worth for money and I suggest this work shop for a people who wanted to explore Microservices and instructor is having good depth of topics he covered.

    thumb miriyala srinivas
  • review rating 5  I came here to refresh my skills and to learn new techs like spring boot data and cloud. Also microservices. It was a fantastic boost for my confidence.

    thumb chandra sekhar raj
  • review rating 5  i am happy to say learnt lot many things in 2 days session on Spring boot and micro services, it's too good...

    thumb kamalakar reddy
  • review rating 5  It's a wonderful weekend worth spending your time and money🤑💸💵💴💶💰💳. Mr. Ramesh got exceptionally good knowledge on the topics he covers. He also got a good flow on how to explain things. Wishing him all the best👍💯. Would come forward for many such classes in future. Area to improve: Class infrastructure Thanks

    thumb Nareshwaran D J


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